6 Steps to Increase your Iman and get close to Allah

We can get close to Allah(SWT) only by Increase Iman in ourselves. The meaning of Iman is having Faith or Belief in Allah(SWT). In fact, Allah(SWT) said in the Quran

“It is they who are the believers in truth. For them are grades of dignity with their Lord, and forgiveness and a generous provision (Paradise).”

[Anfal 8:2] (Interpretation of the meaning)

Here are 6 Steps to follow in order to Increase Iman in ourselves. Some may find easy to follow through with the blessing of Allah(SWT) and some may find difficult but the end result is the same (Jannah) for all of us Insha’Allah.

6 Steps to Increase your Iman and get close to Allah -

Increase Iman with Your Good Deeds

As a Muslim, we know the impact of Sin in our lives. We lose faith once we commit a Sin and from here it can take a turn in 2 ways. A person may repent and ask for mercy to Allah(SWT) or a person can bath in arrogance and continue committing sin.

When Adam(Peace be Upon him) sinned by disobeying Allah(SWT) he (Peace be upon him) cried and repented to his maker. On the other hand, Shaytan also sinned by disobeying Allah(SWT) but Shaytan was arrogant and did not repent.

Iman increases with Good deeds and decreases with Bad deeds. Especially, the more Good deed you do the closer you will get to Allah(SWT).

Carrying out the Mandatory Acts without FAIL to increase Iman

Allah(SWT) has made few acts which are mandatory upon a Muslim. In fact, as Muslim, it’s our obliged duty to carry out the mandatory acts without fail to increase Iman. Yet we fail to fulfill those mandatory acts.

Major mandatory act basically consists of Five Pillars of Islam. Especially, Salah is one of the most important pillars. The Prophet(PBUH) said “On the Day of Judgment, a slave will be questioned about his Salah first.

If we carry out these mandatory acts Insha’Allah we can see the result and feel the closeness of Allah(SWT).

Increase Iman with your Islamic Knowledge

This method is one of the easiest ways to get close to Allah(SWT). In this generation, we can get knowledge at our fingertips with all the existing technology to increase Iman. Yet we don’t consider that. We want to waste our time on unnecessary things.

Start your quest to grow Islamic knowledge. If we start to question everything we will find an answer through Allah(SWT) guidance. Moreover, there are a number of good Sheiks we can look up to if we can’t find our answers.

Knowing the Meaning of what you Recite

It is necessary to know the meaning of the verses you recite. Many of the Muslims don’t know the meaning of verses they recite. To increase Iman we have to know the meaning in order to understand the Majestic of Allah(SWT).

In other words, it’s a must to know the meaning to increase Iman. Once we get to know we can elevate higher in our deen and find ourselves closer to Allah(SWT). Here is a link if you like to learn Arabic or any other language.

6 Steps to Increase your Iman and get close to Allah -

Surround yourself with practicing Muslims

Your surrounding can reflect the kind of person you are. On one hand, it can say how good we are if we surround yourself with good people. On the other hand, it can say how bad we are if we surround ourselves with bad people.

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet(PBUH) said, “A man is upon the religion of his best friend, so let one of you look at whom he befriends.”

If you are with a righteous practicing Muslim brother or sister they will bring you close to Allah(SWT). Moreover, they will guide you on the right path. Above all, they won’t backbite about you in your absence. They will only talk good about you.

Increasing Voluntary Acts

After mandatory, it is necessary to increase voluntary acts. In fact, following Sunnah is considered a voluntary act like praying Sunnah prayer, Fasting on Mondays & Thursday doing Dhikr etc to increase Iman. However, it is not obligatory upon Muslims but its highly recommended by Prophet(PBUH).

“The Prphet(PBUH) delivered an admonition that made our hearts fearful and our eyes tearful. We said, “O Messenger of Allah, it is as if this were a farewell sermon, so advise us.” He said, “I enjoin you to have Taqwa of Allah and that you listen and obey, even if a slave is made a ruler over you. He among you who lives long enough will see many differences. So for you is to observe my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly-principled and rightly-guided successors, holding on to them with your molar teeth. Beware of newly-introduced matters, for every innovation (bid’ah) is an error.”

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